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At our law firm, we serve clients with a marked emphasis on personal availability and individualized client attention. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in the legal industry, giving us a particularly useful and relevant perspective when it comes to the representation of our clients. We represent people from all over the state of California, providing experienced advocacy in personal injury claims, employment law violations, and animal law. In addition, Cheryl Ruggiero is now mediating disputes.


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We’re best known for our work in Personal Injury, Employment Law, Civil Rights, and Animal Law.  And now Cheryl is offering mediation in Northern California, where she resides.

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Konell Ruggiero is a Los Angeles-based brother-sister law firm with over 50 years of combined litigation experience representing clients throughout California. 

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Animal Law

We work with people who love animals in order to preserve the well-being of companion animals, wildlife, and so-called utility animals alike.


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